About Us


The online shop offers fine Jewellery, by top luxury jewellery designers, with a unique and rare diamonds and gemstones, customized jewellery and one of a kind jewellery.

Founded in the early 1950’s, introducing a breakthrough design concept, which combines art, innovation, and prestige. Today, Inbar Fine Jewellery makes frequently changing collections and customized jewellery, all of which emphasize contemporary fashion. Fashion is brought to life with the incorporation of rare, magnificent gemstones and the integration and synthesis of materials with diverse motifs to reveal a personal statement. INBAR became a trend-leader for high-end jewelry, with designers that are strongly established in the international community,

Galit Chlouche and Oded Burstein, the names behind the INBAR success present a professional background with the perfect materialization of the unique designs, combined with a vast experience in the diamond and precious stones industry. Both Galit Chlouche and Oded Burstein have professional training in jewellery design and gemmology by the best educational institutions around the world. Both Galit and Oded have developed a solid network to source rare gemstones from all over the world and maintain the highest standards of work.
Galit Chlouche and Oded Burstein keep up with the latest fashion and design developments together with the timeless classics that are always in fashion.