How the magic happens - One of a kind jewellery design

In order to produce a unique piece, the very initial step is to create a design. This is the point from where the magic begins. It is a stage wherein the designer develops an idea for the design, evaluates the idea and translates it into reality.

Wax Carving
Wax models are created in the desired shape to get an idea of the basic look and feel of the design. Once satisfied, these are transformed into gold, silver or platinum models by melting gold to take the desired form, which is known as gold casting.

Welding and Soldering
Metals are fused together using extreme temperature to create durable, ever-lasting jewellery pieces. If needed, artisans solder gold jewellery using a smaller torch, attaching small gold segments to the design.

Diamond and Gemstone Setting
One of the last processes of jewellery making is to set the finest diamonds and gemstones, according to the design of the jewellery piece. Stones are set in the molds securely to ensure maximum durability.

Once everything has been set, the final jewellery is polished for shine, improving the gold luster and the brilliance of the diamonds. This is done using soft tools that don’t damage the jewellery.

The piece you are wearing right now has been through all of the above to reach you in the form and shape it is today. Every piece of jewellery is a result of the hard work and integrated artistic abilities of many.